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TCV and JMI Equity Invest $250 Million in Future of Legal Technology

Legal Tech Leader, Clio, Receives Huge Investment for Law Industry Transformation Earlier this month, legal software company Clio, announced that it was receiving $250 million in Series D funding from TCV and JMI Equity.  According to the company press release, the funding will go to “expanding our product portfolio.” The Clio Suite already includes Clio […]

Ethical Considerations in Litigation Financing

Third-Party Funding: Growth, Regulations and Court Decisions The world of litigation financing has taken the legal industry by storm.  Those savvy to the market have recognized a steady uptick in the number of law firms using third-party funding to help offset litigation costs, get more clients and provide better representation across the board.  Litigation financing […]

The Future of Litigation Financing

A Look into 2019 for the Thriving Industry of Litigation Funding The future of litigation financing looks bright as more companies enter the playing field and the industry matures.  According to a survey conducted by Burford Capital, the industry has seen enormous growth rates over the last several years with 36 percent of responding US […]

Part II: What to expect from the New Tax Laws

  Understanding Pass-Through Entities In Part I: What to expect from the New Tax Laws we briefly discussed law firm structure and why the corporate tax rate slash would not affect most small law firms, now it is time to dive deep and understand what the new flow-through tax rate is and how it applies […]

Courts Divided over Calls for Litigation Funding Transparency

Litigation financing is nothing new.  For decades private companies have lent money to law firms to fund lawsuits.  This financing has helped underdog plaintiffs even the playing field against large corporate defendants that often outweigh the opposition 10 to 1 or more in financing.  Up until recently, litigation funding agreements have been kept confidential.  Recently, […]

Blockchain for Law Firms

How blockchain technology is changing the legal landscape Blockchain technology has its roots in bitcoin and digital currency, but the ability to distribute digital information while ensuring that it is not copied has law firms jumping on board.  According to Don & Alex Tapscott, authors of Blockchain Revolution “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger […]

The Year Ahead: Litigation Finance

Predictions and Possibilities for 2018 2017 was a record-breaking year for many industries.  One such sector: litigation funding was on the rise and continues to grow.  The industry saw one of its most significant years in 2017 and hopes to continue its growth in 2018.  Third-party litigation funding is not a novel concept.  What is […]

Wall Street Whistleblowers no longer protected from being fired

United States Supreme Court narrows Obama Era protections for Whistleblowers   In a unanimous decision, the US Supreme Court decided that the protections for Whistleblowers granted by the Dodd-Frank Act should only apply to people who report legal violations to the SEC.  The Dodd-Frank Act was passed into law by Congress in 2010 after the […]

Part I: What to expect from the New Tax Laws

How your Law Firm Can Be Affected The new tax laws will be greatly debated as they begin to take effect.  Consumers and corporations were both affected with the passage of the bill.  The corporate tax rate slash and elimination of certain personal itemized deductions stole the headlines, but the tax bill will affect everyone […]

What they don’t teach you in law school

Why running your law practice like a business will greatly increase your profits You learn a lot in law school.  From Blackstone to Section 10(b)5 you left law school with a wealth of knowledge, ready to take on the world.  Ready to start your practice and zealously represent your clients.  The problem?  Most law school […]