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We are the Litigation Finance Experts

AMICUS CAPITAL SERVICES is a private banking company dedicated solely to the provision of innovative Litigation Financing and other financial services to trial lawyers, such as litigation financing, settlement financing, legal loans and law firm business consulting. At AMICUS CAPITAL SERVICES, we recognize that trial lawyers operate in a highly specialized area and have financial requirements that do not fit the mold required by traditional commercial banks. As a result, we have developed a revolutionary program that allows participating law firms to utilize the value of their existing Cases to generate both an immediate source of cash and to secure a stable source of long-term financing for case development costs as well as working capital. From attorney loans to post-settlement funding, from settlement advances to plaintiff’s lawyer business consulting, we help you set up your business so that you can focus on the business of law. This program has been custom tailored to insure that trial lawyers and their clients achieve multiple benefits allowing them to compete effectively against well-capitalized corporations and insurance companies. Take advantage of our trial lawyer business consulting to find out how it benefits you. Among these benefits, you will find that:

Specializing in Contingent Fee Litigation

Our program is designed specifically to fit the characteristics of the business of law. From settlement advances to lawyer loans, we have a wide range of programs to fit your needs. MORE MONEY is available through our lending program than may typically be obtained from traditional commercial banks.

In fact, it is not unusual for AMICUS CAPITAL SERVICES to establish credit facilities that provide as much as four to five times the amount of capital that can be borrowed from commercial banks.

Financing under the Amicus program is INTEREST FREE to participating law firms when a case is won. As provided in many state ethics codes, interest expense incurred under the Amicus program is reimbursable to the firm as a cost of litigation. As a result, the firm will only have to pay interest expense on cases that are not favorably resolved. This feature results in greatly reduced interest expense when our attorney finance options are compared to traditional bank financing.


Through the AMICUS CAPITAL SERVICES finance program, each credit facility is custom tailored to fit the operating profile of each participating firm. Amicus does not underwrite individual cases. Instead, we set up pre-approved limits for cases that fit the needs of each particular firm. To obtain funding as case development costs are incurred, simply submit a brief draw request form.