Law Firm Loans

Take 5 minutes to fill out the online application. Your information will be reviewed within 3 business days and a Litigation Finance Specialist will contact you with more details on litigation finance options for your law firm.

Post Settlement Loans

We offer a convenient PDF fillable form available for download to print and review. A Post Settlement Funding Specialist will contact you within 3 business days of receiving your application.

Depending on the needs of your law firm, there are different types of funding options for your law practice and case litigation funding. Amicus Capital Services has years of experience facilitating a wide variety of revenue streams for attorneys and their law firm practice.

Types of Litigation Funding:

  • Private Equity / Venture Capital
  • Traditional Bank Loans
  • Specialty Finance Lender

Amicus Capital Services is connected with private investors throughout the U.S. and Asia who understand the unique nature of investing in legal cases. Amicus specializes in matching private investors with investment opportunities. The unique perspective o litigation finance experience of Amicus is instrumental to negotiate fair and equitable terms that create an opportunity for success in the courtroom.

Amicus Capital Services has relationships with financial representatives throughout various traditional banking institutions.  Typically legal loans are aimed for well-established law firms with an impressive track record of success. However, bank loans targeted to grow law firm practices through business strategy may be obtainable with expert financial guidance.

Amicus Capital Services is a specialty finance lender uniquely positioned to provide attorney loans and law firm financing options. Speciality legal lending options are quite different from private litigation funding or traditional banking institutions. Amicus Capital Services offers legal lending options with terms and rates that cater specifically to the unique nature of law firms and their legal practices.

Strategic Uses of Litigation Funding:

  • Attorney and Law Firm Loans
  • Trial Development
  • Case Funding
  • Appeals Funding
  • Fee Advances on Settlements and Verdicts

Obtaining litigation finance services through Amicus Capital Services can help your law firm expand by allowing more clients to represented by YOU!