Attorneys handling plaintiff’s cases face continuous financial challenges, that rarely occur in any other type of business. These unique obstacles demand unique solutions… Post Settlement Funding is one of them.


Post Settlement Funding for Law Firms

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The Key Benefits of Post-Settlement Funding

  •   Post-settlement funding on executed settlement agreements
  •   Same day approval
  •  Confidential process
  •  No upfront fees
  •  No monthly payments
  •  Competitive rates

Amicus will accelerate your fee or your client’s recovery if you have reached a settlement but have not yet received payment. Amicus will provide post-settlement funding to attorneys and plaintiffs for any settled case, regardless of the type of case. This settlement advance can allow you to move forward on the next case with no loss of time or just ease a temporary cash flow crunch that your law firm is experiencing.

What Do You Need To Provide when Applying For Post-Settlement Funding for Attorneys and  Law Firms?

To apply for post-settlement funding (also called settlement financing or a settlement advance), please obtain the following information:

  •  A copy of the executed general release between the plaintiff and the defendant
  •  Documentation of the attorney’s fees owed
  •  Requested amount
  •  Post-Settlement Funding Application (SETTLEMENT SUMMARY SHEET)

For questions or more information about post-settlement funding for attorneys and other legal finance products, contact us at 661-263-0030