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Post Settlement Loan


Post Settlement Loan


Post Settlement Loan

When your Application is complete send it for review!


  • Save the Document to Your Computer

    This is a 15 page document. You must save this file to your computer to be able to type your provided information and print for signatures. To Save this Document:

    1. Select from menu: File > Save As
    2. DOUBLE CLICK or Highlight “LawFirmName” and replace with the actual name of your firm.
    3. Choose the folder or location where you would like to save this document.
  • INITIALS of Attorney Required

    Acknowledgement of review is required on page 4 of Schedule A.

    Please be sure that Attorney’s initials are completed before submitting the application for Post Settlement Funding.

  • Notarized Document

    The ASSIGNMENT OF SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT is the legal agreement between your law firm and the funding company. You must complete the date and the document must be notarized.


Claim & Attorney Info

Schedule A, PART A requests the following details:

  1. Claimant
  2. Defendant
  3. Insurance
  4. Settlement Amount

Schedule A, PART B requests the following details:

  1. Law Firm
  2. Attorney for Claim
  3. Attorney Fees
  4. Liability info
  5. Amount of Request

Payment Options

Schedule A, PART C requests the following details:

  1. You must choose whether you would like to receive approved funds via check payment or wire transfer.
  2. If you opt for wire transfer, bank and account info are required for this document.

Liens & Disbursements

Information regarding Claimant Liens and/or Attorney Liens:

  1. Lienholder
  2. Value of Lien
  3. Description of Lien

Required Disbursement Details:

  1. Disbursement
  2. Expense
  3. Amount